Project Promotion & Development

Among the Projects which were promoted and developed by the Management Consultancy Practice were the following:

Paxman Diesel Engines Ltd., UK - Conceptualising and promoting the rehabilitation of Railway Locomotives, held in abeyance, and later implemented by other parties

Promotion of Economic Infrastructure Projects on Public-Private Partnership basis, establishing the Secretariat for infrastructure Development & Investment, a Project funded by USAID - see USAID Project

The Management Consultancy Practice commenced in August 1974, as Nihal Sri Ameresekere, Management Consultants, and later was incorporated in June 1978, as Comindtax Management Service Ltd., and re-named in December 2007, as Consultants 21 Ltd.

The Clientele serviced by the Management Consultancy Practice are set out under the following Headings:

Project Promotion & Development  

Project Management

Financial Restructuring

World Bank Project

State Sector Services  

Project Promotion & Development  

Business Consultancy

Foreign Clientele

USAID Project

Memorandum signed with China Great Wall United Association of International Public Relations

Memorandum of understanding signed with President Gao Yujia of above Association, together with Representatives from Bangladesh and Cambodia to particularly promote Chinese Investments in Projects in Sri Lanka and develop collaboration with investors from Bangladesh and Cambodia.

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